ERP Application Support

PeopleSoft application support services tailored to your needs

image for erp database We offer a complete set of PeopleSoft application support offerings — any or all of which we will tailor to your specific needs at any stage in your application’s lifecycle, whether that is implementation, upgrade, or ongoing operation. With every service and at every stage, our mission is the same: to help you fully leverage your software investment for highest workforce efficiency, lowest total cost of ownership, and maximum operational agility. We also customize all projects to take into account how your business actually runs in the real world — to target the best payback opportunities first, disrupt your operations the least, and accelerate project timelines the most.

Our PeopleSoft application support services include:

Packaged software implementation: DSI’s five-phase approach ensures your new functionality will be implemented in a timely and accurate fashion, whether you’re purchasing new software or implementing additional modules.

Application integration: DSI helps you meet the challenge of how to join different systems by utilizing Integration Broker, Application Engine or writing custom SQR’s to bring data together so as to reduce IT complexity while ensuring timely and accurate information access.

Application software testing: DSI delivers on the complete range of today’s testing and validation methodologies, including static, functional, and peer review testing in industries that include healthcare, automotive, hospitality, business services and more.

DSI delivers tailored training programs that enable your users to fully leverage your software’s features and functions in ways that streamline operations, reduce wasted effort, and deliver better and faster services to customers.

Documentation: DSI develops custom documentation every step of the way to ensure that IT has a clear understanding of the enhancements and requested changes which are made to the system.

Reporting: DSI modifies the “canned” reports that come with your new software, and develops new reports that do not, to better enhance user productivity, satisfy compliance requirements, audit business performance, and identify system vulnerabilities.

Remote development and support: DSI remotely monitors the performance of your critical business information system and proactively remediates issues as they occur, often before they impact the business.