DSI Offers Tailored Managed Service Packages for Every Industry

Working with hundreds of combined PeopleSoft and Lawson customers, we recognize unique industry-specific circumstances do affect implementation planning and best practices. At Dimension Systems, our solutions are always 100% customizable, ensuring the most value in serving every customer their own way.

The rest is experience. Our senior-level professionals have worked with PeopleSoft/Lawson, on a variety of platforms including Oracle, SQL Server, DB2. We have a successful service history and deep applied expertise, retaining customers on an ongoing basis beginning with GEAC in 1984 and an early adopter/provider of services to PeopleSoft customers in 1993. (since version 3!)

Dimension Systems serves a variety of industries, including:

Health Care

Our Healthcare customers support major facilities including multiple hospitals, teaching hospitals, community-focused hospitals, regional hospital facilities, Regional Health System or clinical care network ranging from 250 – 600 beds.
DSI provides PeopleSoft and Lawson back office systems support including, application production support, database and system administration services. Our DBAs, System Administrators, Functional Analysts and Programmers are the best in the business providing SQL Server Oracle and DB2 database support, upgrades, tuning, and application production support & enhancements and system update services.
Whether it is ongoing with Managed Services on a fractional basis, providing primary system support or delivering projects, we have the experience and background in Healthcare to help you manage your PeopleSoft and/or Lawson Systems.
Are you looking for new support options or ways to add functionality? DSI can help! Discussing your needs allows us to assess some options and place you in contact with similar customers. Contact us today!

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Manufacturing/Supply Chain

From one of the world’s largest automotive supplier ($17b) to a top North American cabinet manufacturer ($2b), our customers enjoy our broad PeopleSoft managed services expertise, UNIX/LINUX, Database and System Administration services at a scalable price structuring, allowing them to pay only to keep things running smoothly, no more.
Special support needs or major maintenance requirements can be common in the manufacturing sector. Customers begin engaging us for an HCM upgrade and then another. Others augment value engaging DSI ongoing support of their Application Development, Database and Infrastructure.
Do questions remain about upgrading or looking to add functionality? DSI can help! Your time is valuable so we’ll listen to your thoughts, explain our services, and identify similar customers to contact. Contact us today!

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Higher Education

In this ever-changing economy, Higher Education institutions are often challenged to acquire and maintain top talent to support their back-end systems.  Competitive salaries and budget limitations combined can make it difficult to retain full-time employees.

Higher education institutions, colleges and universities around the country trust DSI to address, ongoing application maintenance support needs, special infrastructure/database support, upgrades and module implementations for PeopleSoft and non-ERP environments.  DSI delivers a team capable of providing Oracle or SQL Server support (and performance tuning) and expertise in PS Financials, HCM, and FSCM as well as Campus Solutions and skilled development work.

DSI provides services for institutions of higher education, public and private, with enrollments from less than 10,000 to over 60,000.  Their satisfaction demands meeting tight, fixed schedules.

Are you looking to augment your in-house team or offload routine tasks such as updates, bundles, patches?  Are you planning an Application, PeopleTools, or Database Upgrade?  DSI can help!  Your goals can help us identify flexible options and similar customers to contact.  Contact us  today!

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DSI’s resource team help Government and Public Sector organizations keep their projects moving along and provide insurance that their needs are covered from the application layer back to the database and infrastructure without interruption.

Our experience within the government/public sector includes:  A County government in the Mid-west, DSI provides Oracle/PeopleSoft Database Administration Support in a supplemental role and assisting their on-site DBA with maintaining their PeopleSoft environment.  For another County on the west coast, we upgraded both their PeopleSoft HCM and Financials applications.  Other local government/municipality work has been performed throughout our 30 years in business.

Maintain a consistent level of support with DSI to provide your end-users and IT department with Database (Oracle, SQL Server, DB2), Infrastructure (Unix/Linux) or ERP Application Support related to PeopleSoft or Lawson.

Are you looking to change your support model or upgrading soon?  DSI can help!  We’d like the opportunity to get on the approved vendor list or respond to the next RFP right away.   Contact us  today!


DSI offers a strategic approach to Non-Profit organizations to help balance workload and resources.   They find real value in maintaining a long-term solution for their systems with a team of experts like DSI, who respond to their needs effectively and efficiently without paying for down time, expensive benefits and overhead costs.

For example, DSI helps a non-profit organization in the mid-west and provides PeopleSoft System Administration support at a fraction of the cost of a full-time resource.  For another agency on the east coast we are a remote-supplemental resource to help with maintenance and provide end-user support.

If you are a non-profit organization and exploring cost-effective options to help maintain your ERP application or back-end environment, DSI can help. Contact us today discuss your current support model and share ideas regarding how we help others.


DSI helps leading companies within hospitality and entertainment to reach their goals.  Our proven methodology controls costs while providing clear project scope and identifying critical success factors and risks.  DSI experts are fluent working with the Executive Team, IT Staff, Finance & Compliance, or other user roles.

We’ve been caring for some of our Hospitality/Entertainment customers’ HCM and Financials systems since 2003.  We can also provide those occasional specialized skills as required.  Tailored DBA, Application, and Infrastructure solutions delivered with flexible price structuring.

Are you looking to supplement PeopleSoft resources or looking to upgrade soon?  DSI can help!  Share an opportunity, or tell us about a goal.  We’ll identity some options and relate to similar organizations.

Contact us  today!

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Utilities employ many people to help maintain aging infrastructure in order to continue to distribute gas, electricity and water.  The need for robust HCM and Financial systems to support and automate processes becomes more crucial to gain efficiencies and return on investment.

For a large water utility in the mid-west, DSI provided ongoing/routine maintenance tasks related to their PeopleSoft HCM application.  We provided PeopleSoft/Oracle DBA support for a leading energy company in the west.  Currently, DSI is upgrading a very large water utility’s PeopleSoft HCM application to the latest version, 9.2., providing the technical support along with retrofitting the batch and online customizations.

DSI understands the complexities and utilities find the value in utilizing companies like DSI to help support and maintain the ever-changing demands of their PeopleSoft or Lawson HCM and Financial systems.

Are you looking to supplement PeopleSoft resources or looking to upgrade soon?  DSI has the chops and offers the best pricing model.  Pay only for what you need!  Contact us today!


Don’t see your industry highlighted here? No worries, chances are that over our 30 years in business, we have spent a significant amount of time within your specific line of business such as:

  • Financial and Insurance
  • Professional Law Firms
  • Childhood Care
  • Retail/Grocery
  • Transportation
  • Advertising & Marketing
  • Many More…

Contact us today to share your unique environment and discover ways we can help!


Who We Help:

We believe that the key to successful customer relations is to develop a close personal connection with our clients. Dimension Systems is dedicated to helping you reach your goals. We do this by working with the appropriate teams within your company and following proven structured methodologies in developing your project’s scope, objectives and constraints and to identify critical success factors. Some of the groups we’ve worked with are Executive Teams, IT Staff, Finance & Compliance and End Users.