Unix & Linux Support

With Dimension Systems, you’ll receive two dedicated UNIX or LINUX support professionals who will monitor your systems 24/7 – while you save up to 50% of the costs of hiring a full-time system administrator.

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It’s challenging to find and retain high-quality system administrators.

Most businesses don’t have enough work to keep a full-time system administrator busy. So, many UNIX & LINUX administrators who work in smaller environments get bored and leave for larger environments, bigger pay and better opportunities. This makes it hard to manage your operating systems, as well as keep them available and secure.

When you partner with Dimension Systems, Inc. (DSI), you can gain peace of mind knowing that dedicated, senior-level IT professionals are managing your systems 24/7. You’ll also save on the costs of hiring and training personnel.

DSI provides you with ongoing UNIX and LINUX support – such as monitoring, troubleshooting and managing performance. We ensure that work is performed accurately and on time, therefore providing you with the time to focus on more strategic efforts that will benefit your users and customers.

Our UNIX and LINUX services include:

Server Set-Up & Configuration
Capacity Planning
Security Management
Ongoing Monitoring

When You Partner With DSI to Manage Your UNIX and LINUX Environments, You Will:

How We Work

The first thing that we do is conduct a proactive health check of your system to ensure that it’s performing at the highest levels. Then, we will install a number of system alerts that will notify us when something happens within your operating system, so we can immediately address the issue before your users feel any impact. From there, your dedicated UNIX and/or LINUX administrator will respond to alerts and take care of your needs – just like an on-site administrator would do but at a 40%-50% cost savings.

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Unix & Linux Server Set-Up & Configuration

We ensure that work is preformed correctly the first time.

DSI employs expert tools and techniques to support you during Unix or Linux server set-up and provide ongoing support of your server environment, including server monitoring, troubleshooting issues and managing server performance.

Server monitoring is a process usually done by a professional, and it is very important to keeping a well running server. Without constant checkups, there is a chance the server may crash or become sluggish. You never want your server to be in question. During the set-up and configurations phase, we configure server monitoring to ensure your server is functioning to the highest standards in the industry.

A great deal of the service on your server will be preventative work. The goal is to never have to need urgent server care. As long as everything is monitored properly, growth and use of a server can continue to work perfectly, even if the software is periodically updated or changed.

Managing your server performance is a must. Business owners want to be sure there are no security risks, and no breaches of information. As a part of our server monitoring, regular sweeps of a server are performed to keep everything safe. Whether it’s just keeping files safe, or continuing to clean up duplicate information, we will work to keep your server running without issues.

Dimension Systems works to have the project done correctly the first time. This means that you will have less worry about many urgent situations, since they most likely won’t ever come up. We will monitor the security, and maintain this security with improvements if need be. We will have up to date software protecting your information, and we will also be able to respond to any problems immediately.

Unix & Linux Technical Support & Maintenance

Increasing technology and business challenges such as virtualization, server and data center consolidation require a robust, yet adaptive server management plan for the enterprise.

With complex, mission-critical applications running on server infrastructure, organizations need more than a break-fix approach.

Dimension Systems, Inc. (DSI) provides proactive infrastructure management to ensure that the computing environment is running effectively and that the risk of failure or interruption is minimized.

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Unix & Linux Capacity Planning

Capacity planning refers to identifying the changes needed to be made to the environment to maintain this predefined user experience over the lifecycle of the application.

In its simplest terms, the changes can refer to adding any combination of additional CPU, Memory, Storage or Network capabilities along with suitable configuration changes to the hardware configuration as and when identified to be required. Capacity planning consists of anticipating demand ahead of time and recommending suitable changes to the environment in advance of actual needs.

Since DSI has long and in-depth experience with various application technologies and hardware platforms including Unix & Linux, we can provide optimal capacity planning and expert advice on sizing in view of anticipated growth. DSI consults with key power users and management, and we also review statistics from various subsystems such as the operating system, storage and network over a period of time.Our consultants have the knowledge and wherewithal to interpret the numbers and establish thresholds and to extrapolate the stats for future growth.

Unix & Linux Security Management

Regulatory standards have become an everyday part of IT.

Today’s IT departments are tasked with ensuring the integrity of all of the company data in the form of establishing security controls to ensure proper access to critical information. Regulatory standards have become an everyday part of IT. Organizations in the United States meeting certain requirements based on industry or financial status are subject to government-imposed standards such as Sarbanes-Oxley or HIPAA, while IT organizations worldwide are adhering to similar government-imposed standards or are adopting process-based standards such as ITIL or COBIT. 

Because nearly all of the standards are generalized to allow flexibility in the actual implementation, no specific methods are listed nor are specific tools mentioned. DSI’s solutions bridge the gap between the general controls found in today’s standards and the specific implementation of those controls in a mission critical environment. DSI can aid your organization in gaining control over its compliance needs.

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