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Dedicated, tailored, cost-effective PeopleSoft support from experienced PeopleSoft specialists

As one of the first PeopleSoft managed services partners in North America, DSI is the ideal choice of organizations looking to lower the cost of keeping their PeopleSoft environment fully optimized and aligned with their business.

We offer a tailored solution of onsite and/or remote delivery of PeopleSoft upgrades and module implementations — plus ongoing remote support — so your systems remain fully compliant, secure, up-to-date, and issue-free.

PeopleSoft Managed Services

Each Dimension Systems client will be assigned a Senior Consultant who is supported by a full team of resources.

The DSI service model allows each client to receive dedicated attention from PeopleSoft experts without the hassle and expense of managing and retaining full time PeopleSoft specialists on your own staff. In short, you pay for part-time support while receiving full-time availability.

If your primary resource is not available immediately when you need him/her, no worries! Your secondary contact who is fully versed on your progress will be there as back-up, along with a hands-on delivery manager to ensure the completion of your requests.

We support PeopleSoft and other databases and ERP applications with our managed services model.

PeopleSoft Products

The PeopleSoft software line comprises a wide selection of applications for different departments within a company and businesses in various industries. The main Oracle PeopleSoft Products
in this software collection include:

Human Capital Management (HCM)

PeopleSoft HCM is an application that facilitates the execution of common human resources tasks such as managing a team, approving a promotion transaction, editing personal information, and viewing a payslip. Additionally, it allows managers and executives to use analytics software to evaluate organizational and employee data. This software product can be customized to suit industry-specific needs for managing, administrating, and monitoring an entire workforce, including employees, managers, contractors, and contingent workers. Since it's an app, HCM can be used on your mobile device, enabling you to access data from a remote location.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

The main function of the CRM is to help businesses collect, process, analyze, and utilize information related to their customers. This application comes with the Marketing Sales and Service Solutions module for keeping track of customer records such as purchasing preferences and trends, closing of sales, and leads stage. It also has the Service module that includes helpdesk, support, and call management services, and the CRM Portal Pack that integrates communication and information access for employees and customers.

Financials and Supply Chain Management (FSCM)

PeopleSoft FSCM is specially designed to assist you in achieving world-class finance processes while maintaining compliance with statutory requirements. Besides giving you access to business-critical information, it also comes with a wide array of modules to make your finance processes more time-efficient and cost-effective. The modules available in this software product include Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Purchase Order, General Ledger, Cash Management, Asset Management, Treasury, Project Costing, Strategic Sourcing, and Supplier Relationship Management.

Enterprise Performance Management (EPM)

This PeopleSoft software application enables you to boost your company's performance by properly aligning your resources and data with your strategic objectives. It provides a variety of performance management solutions to suit different budgets and phases of the management cycle. These solutions can help you devise strategies for business growth, integrate the right strategies into operational plans, and actively monitor daily operations. PeopleSoft EPM includes modules such as CRM Analytics, Financial Analytics, Industry Analytics, Performance Management Warehouse, HCM Warehouse, and Supply Chain Analytics.

PeopleSoft 9.2 Upgrade

The PeopleSoft 9.2 Upgrade delivers cutting-edge innovation through the creation of an enhanced user experience that changes how you interact with the software. Featuring more than 1,000 improvements to minimize the need to customize industry-specific capabilities, this upgrade is a robust solution for managing end-to-end business processes. It elevates the user experience with intuitive features such as Workcenters and Dashboards, Global Search, and Pivot Grids. Additionally, it can be managed cost-effectively with PeopleSoft Test Framework, PeopleSoft Update Manager, and Oracle Migration Bench.

PeopleSoft Application Engine

With PeopleSoft Application Engine, you can develop, test, and run batch programs that perform voluminous background processing against data. This application allows you to process batch data without user intervention, such as calculating salaries in payroll processing and converting money to another currency.

Your Benefits Include

Service tailored to your specific needs

Lower total cost of owning your PeopleSoft environment

Controlled, predictable, budgeted costs

Less money wasted on unprotected IT expenses

More resources (time, money, and staff time) available for other initiatives

Less need for temporary contract employees

Less employee turnover (or need to replace them)

Less vacation and sick time to cover

Fewer resource scheduling issues

Fewer IT-related disruptions to your business and IT staff

PeopleSoft management Services Include

Daily PeopleSoft production support

Your PeopleSoft system stays up and running effectively and your users’ day-to-day IT needs are addressed on both a technical and functional level.

updates, fixes And Maintenance

PeopleSoft-supplied minor upgrades, fixes, and tax updates are applied within a fixed-fee maintenance service.

PeopleSoft DBA and infrastructure support

Fixed-fee database administration and infrastructure support for PeopleSoft environments, ensuring application performance won't degrade due to database or infrastructure issues.

Major PeopleSoft Technical

Our menu based approach where we implement your technical upgrade, including moving the application to production. Learn more about our approach for PeopleSoft upgrades.

Our approach to ensure that your PeopleSoft system is operating effectively and that your end-users’ day-to-day needs are addressed. Services include:

  • Assist with production problem resolution.
  • Make improvements to programs, job flows, job control language, scripts, procedures, etc.
  • Coordinate installation of new software.
  • Provide PeopleSoft operations support including Process Scheduler and application servers.
  • Provide PeopleSoft administration services including security and user maintenance.
  • Provide Unix/ NT system administration.
  • Provide Web server administration.
  • Provide application help desk support for end users.
  • Conduct user training as needed.
  • Apply corrections to application programs and jobs.
  • Make minor changes to panels, programs and reports.
  • Develop ad-hoc queries and reports.

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