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40-60% Savings Off The Cost Of Full Time DBA

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Uninterrupted and fast access to data is vital to modern business. That’s why companies need full-time database administration — so data is available 24×7.

Yet many companies find that hiring a senior-level DBA full-time is not cost effective and have difficulty with employee retention.

It’s not usually possible to keep that level of skill busy full time or to keep that person available at all times of the day and night.

Organizations choose DSI as their reliable remote DBA support partner.

Our U.S.-based DBA experts connect directly to your environment and monitor, maintain and proactively correct any issue or unforeseen issues as they may occur, just as easily as an on-site employee.

And because we’re not just one person, we are always actively making sure your database system performs as expected.

Dimension System's Database administrators offer support in:

a full-spectrum of DBA support services

24/7/365 dedicated DBA support for SQL, DB2/UDB, and Oracle

Two dedicated U.S.-based senior-level DSI employees, not contractors

Proactive monitoring, maintenance, reporting, and resolution of all issues

40-60% savings off the cost of a full-time DBA

A fixed monthly fee for easy budgeting

Guaranteed performance and uptime SLAs

Remote Database Support

Database Maintenance

Database Migration

Database Upgrades

Database Performance Tuning

Database Capacity Planning

Database Installation

What Our Clients Say...

Dimension Systems saves me a tremendous amount of headaches. No way could I hire a DBS to do this work and keep him busy and happy. DSI takes an enormous amount of pressure and worry from me; I wouldn’t have it any other way.

J. Chapman, Higher Education

Dimension Systems is one of the best technical partnerships I’ve had in my 31-year career. When we first hired DSI, our database performance was really, really slow. DSI analyzed our systems, we applied their recommended resolutions, and they’ve been running smooth as silk ever since. I’m retiring in March. It’s my strong recommendation that my company never let these guys go.

S. McNamara, Healthcare

We had a couple of DBAs that had been working on our issues for months with minimal success, but DSI got it straightened out in an amazingly short period of time. They also squared away our backup situation, and for the first time in a very long time, I was confident that we had rock-solid backups, and I knew we had someone who could get us through a restore if we needed one. I also knew DSI could resolve any Oracle issues or PeopleSoft application issues. Getting our systems running correctly again made me look good in front of both the CFO and the CEO.

D. Swisher, Medical Records

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