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Dimension Systems Inc. is the ideal partner for organizations who are looking to reduce the pain and expense of running their IT infrastructure, maintaining ERP applications — without the high risk of moving to the cloud or the heavy cost of onsite consultants.

Since 1984, organizations of all types — in healthcare, manufacturing, transportation, business services, and more — have relied on DSI’s proprietary remote collaborative support to reduce IT expenditures while keeping mission-critical systems online, highly secure, and up-to-date with current technologies and regulations.

Each DSI client, regardless of size, is served by a dedicated team of highly experienced functional and technical experts. Team members are collocated within the same physical facility — a best practice that ensures enhanced collaboration and speeds problem solving efficiency.

DSI’s 24/7 U.S.-based PeopleSoft support, database and infrastructure support include proactive issue identification and resolution, software upgrades, data migrations and conversions, performance tuning, and business-IT alignment.

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Dimension Systems is one of the best technical partnerships I’ve had in my 31-year career. When we first hired DSI, our database performance was really, really slow. DSI analyzed our systems, we applied their recommended resolutions, and they’ve been running smooth as silk ever since. I’m retiring in March. It’s my strong recommendation that my company never let these guys go.

S. McNamara, Healthcare

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Proper technology management is a crucial part of any successful business in the modern working world. Software packages that can improve your company's efficiency allow your company to enhance profit margins and increase overall success.

When choosing a platform for your company, it is important to choose an option that can match your needs, but it's also important to find the right support and get the most out of the platform.

One of the most popular platform choices is Oracle PeopleSoft. Whether you're looking for a PeopleSoft upgrade or are considering adding it to your operation, maximize its effectiveness by working with Oracle PeopleSoft support professionals who can help you to get the most out of the software and troubleshoot and solve any problems you encounter. By choosing a premier software line and combining it with the assistance of experienced professionals, you better use your software to help improve your company's performance across the board.

What Is Oracle PeopleSoft?

PeopleSoft is a line of e-business software created and distributed by Oracle. While the line began with a focus on programs for handling finances and human resources within a business, it has expanded through the years to offer a more comprehensive suite for businesses to take advantage of. In addition to expanding the general functions provided by software options, PeopleSoft also has added industry-specific options to help you to tailor your experience to best suit your company's needs.

Using an integrated collection of software is easy because each piece is designed to work well with others in the suite. Problems can arise when accounting is using software from one developer, logistics another, and client relations a third. Making sure every department uses integrated software from one developer provides easy coordination between departments and information transfer among different programs, allowing your staff to be as efficient as possible in their daily work.

Although popular and useful across many industries, PeopleSoft is particularly common in fields like automotive, communications, and higher education with its PeopleSoft Campus Solutions option. 

What Are the Benefits of Oracle PeopleSoft?

There are many reasons why thousands of companies around the world opt for Oracle PeopleSoft and why you should consider it for your company.

  • Up-to-date software: PeopleSoft provides a proven platform that has continuous support from Oracle so that it continues to adapt and adjust to the changing technological landscape. 
  • Small learning curve: The software is also designed to be as easy to use and collaborate as possible, which reduces the time your staff needs to adjust to the changes or onboard new staff, which reduces work times once PeopleSoft is in place.
  • Versatility for various company sizes: PeopleSoft is also designed to scale easily, which means it can provide service for companies ranging from a small-town local business to a global corporation. If you're a company anticipating growth, PeopleSoft handles your needs today while making room for additional needs tomorrow.

With these amazing benefits, PeopleSoft can transform the way your teams work for the better.

How Does Professional PeopleSoft Consulting Help You?

While Oracle PeopleSoft is a valuable addition to your business on its own, you should also seek out the assistance of PeopleSoft consulting professionals to get the most out of your software integration options. Top ways consulting can help you maximize the benefits of Oracle PeopleSoft for your company include:

  • Expert knowledge: PeopleSoft consultants provide you with their expertise in the comprehensive options and integrating the software into your business's operations.
  • Tailored experience: Consulting helps you better customize your PeopleSoft selection and experience to choose only the best services and to understand how the programs are implemented in meeting your company's needs.
  • Improved efficiency: While selecting, integrating, and preparing your teams with PeopleSoft tools can be a simple process, consultants can further streamline the process and help you achieve the performance, production, and profit goals for your company quicker.
  • Savings: Outside consulting provides a more cost-effective approach to providing IT for your company's Oracle PeopleSoft usage, which can reduce your overall IT spending.

Why Choose DSI for Your PeopleSoft Consulting?

What's just as important as opting to work with Oracle PeopleSoft consulting professionals is choosing the right professionals to partner with. With over 30 years of consulting experience, Dimension Systems, Inc. has built a representation as a trusted industry leader. When you choose to partner with DSI for your Oracle PeopleSoft consulting, you get many benefits, including:

  • A tailored approach to your business and its needs in order to maximize the benefits that the platform can provide to you and your employees.
  • Dedicated support teams who are all located together, which provides a more seamless and reliable service since they can collaborate with each other in-person instead of remotely.
  • A proven track record of service beginning in 1984 that shows you can count on the care you will receive with DSI.
  • Industry expertise in a broad variety of fields, including healthcare, manufacturing, transportation, human resources, and more to provide specialized care for your business.
  • Keeping your company's Oracle PeopleSoft suite up to date and online to avoid costly downtime or losses due to outdated and inefficient software.
  • Proactive protection to identify your needs before you do and solve problems before they arise.

In the modern workforce, technological efficiency is vital. Tech plays an increasing role in businesses in nearly every sector, and this trend is only going to continue in the years to come. By taking advantage of Oracle PeopleSoft for your business, you can streamline your daily operations, which leads to more effective work from staff and, as a result, an improved bottom line for the company.

DSI is a reliable Oracle PeopleSoft support provider with over three decades of experience providing quality technical help for clients. If your business uses PeopleSoft currently or is looking to make the switch, then DSI is here to help you get the most out of the experience. Get in touch today for a consultation to discuss what we can do to help you take your business to the next level.

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