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DSI’s focus is to provide affordable high quality Oracle administration support, including proactive monitoring and maintenance services, so your staff can focus on corporate initiatives. We are able to accomplish this through our shared services model where our Oracle DBAs proactively manage multiple database clients and by having at least two DBAs being familiar with each client’s environment. Our approach will free up your in house resources for other corporate driven activities and initiatives.

The highly experienced DBAs here provide remote managed Oracle database support for a number of clients with large ERP packages including PeopleSoft, so we have the experience of addressing and resolving complex database and infrastructure issues. We are very experienced at supporting highly complex database and infrastructure environments. That is why our clients choose us and stay with us to manage their Oracle database services for years.

Our remote DBAs are Oracle Certified Professionals with over 15 years experience and will treat your systems as if they were our own. We take the time to ask questions, remain proactive and we take your issues seriously.

At the same time, we focus on offering personalized Oracle Remote DBA support services. When you call for support, you will get individual attention, not a random voice in a call center.

Additionally, all of our technical team members have extensive real-world onsite and remote database administration experience.

In addition to Oracle Database Support, our team offers SQL Server Database Support & UDB Database Support.

By providing remote Oracle database support services since version 7 and today we support clients with production databases ranging from Oracle version 8i through 11g. Our DBA’s support installation and administration of various Oracle versions and also administer high availability solution in Oracle RAC, both 10g and 11g and Dataguard solutions. We help assess the future needs for upgrade or new functionalities available in latest Oracle version.

We set up database monitoring scripts either using in-house powershell, shell or other scripting which helps us to do continuous monitoring of various Oracle parameters and statistics. This way we can constantly maintain a vigil and proactively identify any potential issues via email and pager alert setup.

Your DBA can also install a third party monitoring solution for you, if needed, or use the Oracle Grid control technology available from Oracle database technologies.

Our DBAs have extensive knowledge of RMAN backup and restore technology in 10g and 11g and we can set up RMAN backups and execute required refreshes on demand using RMAN duplicate commands. DSI also supports other scripted backups, such as hot and cold backups. Your DBA’s will advise you on backup and recovery guidelines based on the mean time of recovery and help our you to understand the potential exposure due to backup strategies.

Various thresholds and alerts will be set up not just for database but also other infrastructure monitoring available in the Grid control technology. We do the initial assessment to check for OFA compliance an industry standard set out by Oracle Corporation and we help identify the lacuna between the current setup and installation and industry standards and help bridge the gap in active collaboration with your users while ensuring minimum impact and downtime to current operations.

With our Oracle remote DBA services, we’ll handle proactive maintenance, monitoring and will respond to database system alerts so that you can focus on tasks that help grow your business.

DSI’s remote DBA support combines the cost efficiencies of remote database administration with the risk mitigation of on-shore support. DSI will provide you the highest ROI for your Oracle database investment by using our in depth application knowledge coupled with Oracle’s database technology.

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