The Dimension Systems Difference

We believe that a key for successful customer relations is to develop a close personal connection to our clients. We install, upgrade and maintain complex systems almost invisibly, while you take care of more pressing business issues.

And by working remotely or part-time on-site when necessary, we save you the need to hire expensive contractors or FTE’s. That’s our value…not because we say so, but because that’s what our customers tell us!

Our staff knows PeopleSoft, Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, Unix, Linux and many other systems inside and out, layer upon layer. They know from experience how things work, including issues that don’t show up in any manual.

Here are our commitments to you...

You’ll never be shuttled to a help desk or answering service.

You’ll have both a primary and secondary resource who will be your direct contacts for questions or issues.

Your primary analyst will quickly help you resolve issues and will guide your company through installations, upgrades and maintenance issues and is there to make your life easier.

Most work is done remotely, but your analyst will also be on site when needed.

Our monitoring and sensing tools detect problems often before you do; your analyst will be advised and may have the issue corrected before you’re even aware of it.


We believe complex systems should be like great cars: when they’re given a little routine maintenance, they just run. That’s what we expect when our car is built right — with the best materials and smart mechanics who know how to install systems correctly. When an IT manager finds that they are giving away too much of their time hovering over an ERP system—whether it’s PeopleSoft or a Database/Infrastructure environment like Oracle, SQL Server, DB2 or Unix/Linux – you know you’ve got a problem.

Hiring More Employees May Not Be The Answer
Try The Dimension Systems Alternative

On average, we save our clients 50% over the cost of an on-site resource—a huge surprise to many of our first-time customers. And we do it in a way that lets you stay in control.

With Dimension Systems, you never have to worry about employee issues such as experience level, training, vacations, sick leave or downtime.

Understanding Your Requirements is
Our First Commitment.

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