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PeopleSoft Data Conversion

Organizations choose Dimension Systems for PeopleSoft Data Conversion and Migration to ensure that the project is completed with little disruption to the day to day activities of the organization.

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Migrating from a legacy system to PeopleSoft can be challenging, especially when you are unfamiliar with the PeopleSoft applications.

There are a number of technical and functional issues including requirements definition, resource allocation, data validation, data mapping and project management, not to mention timing.

Organizations choose Dimension Systems for PeopleSoft Data Conversion and Migration to ensure that project is completed with little disruption to day to day activities of the organization.

Dimension Systems is an Oracle Gold Partner with decades of PeopleSoft experience. Gain peace of mind knowing that the data conversion project is being handled by an industry leading team of PeopleSoft specialists.

PeopleSoft Data Conversion Process

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When converting data from a legacy system to PeopleSoft, we use a three-step approach: Legacy Evaluation, Data Mapping and Conversion.

Our PeopleSoft data conversion process is proven. Organizations benefit from our approach, which offers technical proficiency and minimal internal resources.

Data conversion is an iterative process. Often you will find that data did not convert properly and you will then need to investigate the reason, correct the data map and rerun the process. A detail to accuracy and patience are key factors when converting data.

PeopleSoft Installation

DSI has conducted PeopleSoft installations since 1996. We advise our clients on the architecture and infrastructure layouts of all the technology stacks involved in their PeopleSoft installation.

We develop the initial planning of the installation which involves defining the servers, including the file server, database server, application and batch servers and the webserver. We identify the best infrastructure layout and we advise on load balancing of both the middle tier (application server) and the webserver.

Many times this requires complex configuration changes that are needed in order for the system to work effectively. Since we have assisted a number of organizations with their installations, we understand the pitfalls and bottle necks that can be avoided as related to performance and capacity.

As part of the initial install, we install the change assistant, PeopleBooks and EM-hub.

A Typical PeopleSoft Installation Involves The Following:

  • PeopleTools
  • PeopleSoft Enterprise products, referred to as PeopleSoft Tuxedo for application server and process scheduler
  • Webserver products like WebLogic, Websphere or Oracle application servers
  • Pure Internet Architecture
  • Change Assistant
  • Change Impact Analyzer

DSI advises you on how best to separate out the installations for the various production and non production environments so that the environment is easy to use and maintain. Our experience has given us a solid understanding of the best methods to when completing the installation. This benefits you by avoiding costly reruns or reinstalls that occasionally occur due to issues previously not detected.

PeopleSoft Customization

DSI can provide you with functional application consultants and technical, application, infrastructure and database consultants with many years of PeopleSoft experience.

We understand that, while PeopleSoft is a robust application sometimes the system needs to be enhanced to meet specific business needs or to adapt to the way you do business. DSI can help you make your PeopleSoft application function in a way that best suits your business needs. We can review your business processes and help your users with the use of the application or we can modify the application in ways to help your users to better perform their tasks.

PeopleSoft Integration

DSI can provide several options for PeopleSoft Integration. We can develop or modify integration with other PeopleSoft products or third party software.

Using PeopleSoft’s Integration Broker provides DSI with the ability to produce and consume industry standard Web services and is comprised of four key elements: Packaged Connectors, Intelligent Routing, Transformation and a Development and Monitoring Environment.

We also provide expertise in the following additional PeopleTools Technologies:

  • Application Messaging
  • Component Interface
  • File Interfaces

If your integration needs are unique we have the experience and expertise to develop a completely custom process for your integration using PSQuery, SQR or Application Engine.

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