When Does Your Business Need Professional Data Conversion Services?

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Whenever a business is migrating to new or upgraded systems, there are a number of issues that could arise.

Sensitive data about finances and employees must be maintained securely with as little disruption to the business as possible. Working with a data conversion specialist – like Dimension Systems – ensures that the process will go smoothly.

When is it time to call Dimension Systems to help with your data conversion?

Moving to or from PeopleSoft Applications  Often times, moving onto PeopleSoft is necessary when a business is growing or acquired. Moving the data from one system to another is complicated and the data can be highly sensitive. Dimension Systems has over 30 years of experience migrating back office data from various systems or sources to PeopleSoft applications. Our PeopleSoft data conversion experts will ensure that all data is maintained

With the growing popularity of “cloud based” and other on-premise solutions, migrating data accurately and efficiently is a key step in the process. Dimension Systems team of experts can help without impacting the day-to-day activities of the business.

Implementing a New PeopleSoft Module Many companies purchase PeopleSoft with the intention of utilizing each and every module and to take advantage of the full functionality. Nine times out of ten, this does not initially happen but is phased in as part of an overall roadmap strategy. When implementing a new module, often the data is being pulled from another source or system to populate the data fields in a new PeopleSoft module.

DSI has a team of PeopleSoft data conversion specialists who are skilled at mapping data to the appropriate tables and into the proper file formats which are compatible with PeopleSoft.

PeopleSoft Interfaces PeopleSoft integrates with many products. When a business switches vendors, such as an insurance company that they deal with for employee benefits, they will need to interface with that new vendor. Working through a data conversion process requires a deep understanding of PeopleSoft applications interfaces and customized solutions for how to transfer the data into a third-party system. Most companies don’t work with PeopleSoft interfaces often and aren’t nearly as experienced as Dimension Systems to accomplish this task with ease.

PeopleSoft Upgrades When it’s time to upgrade your PeopleSoft system, data is being converted from one release to another. The PeopleSoft application has built in data conversion tools and scripts within the application to assist in the upgrade process and migrating the data from the old table or column to the new. It is important to have an upgrade specialist oversee the upgrade process to ensure that the data fields are compatible and will receive the correct information in the proper target area. Dimension Systems is an Oracle Gold Partner, working with PeopleSoft since version 3. We have developed a 12-step methodology and project management program to ensure all upgrades are delivered on-time and on-budget.

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