The Evolution of Dimension Systems Inc.

Dimension Systems has been providing IT support to clients for over 30 years. By adding services that are important to our clients, and developing tools that minimize client operating costs and maximize flexibility in service delivery, we have grown into a virtual IT partner for most clients providing expert advice, sensibly priced. We’re wherever you are… whenever you need us.

Track the Evolution of Dimension Systems...

Image depicting Dimension System evolution

David Paul leaves General Motors to form Dimension Systems, Inc. (DSI)

DSI provides on-site staffing to direct projects

DSI begins to provide managed care

DSI develops our own powerful remote tools to minimize client operating costs and maximize flexibility in service delivery

DSI attracts PeopleSoft clients – implementation and managed care support

DSI Adds Remote Database Administration (DBA Support) to our portfolio, expanding our tech services operations

Service portfolio also includes DBA Support for Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server and DB2

DSI offers Operating system and infrastructure support including Unix and Linux

Understanding Your Requirements is
Our First Commitment.

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