Infrastructure Maintenance

Image depicting infrastructure maintenance

We at DSI understand the absolute necessity for keeping all of your servers online 24X7 and make them as secure as possible. With 100% uptime, your Unix/Linux server environment should be constantly maintained using superior design and technology, guaranteeing that your system is available to meet the needs of your employees and customers.

Database maintenance is generally performed by trained people, and it involves the constant upkeep of information to keep the database running smoothly. A good database of information is constantly being edited and updated, to keep itself relevant and functioning properly.

The maintenance of a database must be checked often as so many factors are in play. The information may change, and the way the information is evaluated may change as well. If the parameters by which any information is changed, the database must change as well, otherwise there is risk of malfunction or even a crash.

With maintenance to keep this information safe and running, a database also serves as a failsafe for information loss. Databases back up information as a secondary source. With regular back-ups, the chance of information loss is greatly reduced.

Maintaining a database regularly is important for plenty of reasons, mostly preventative. If you are regularly checking for problems such as information corruption, removal of duplicate records, or any issues that may come up, reliability will rarely be an issue. What you want most out of database maintenance, is for a user to never even know its happening, as the use is never second guessed. You want it to always be running smoothly to ensure trust in the user.

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