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Peoplesoft Remote Support

As COVID-19 continues to spread, more and more companies are shifting to a remote work environment.

With a commitment to excellence, Dimension Systems, Inc. is here to help you structure your information technology staff more effectively and guide you through the process.

Here's a guide that explains what to look for with PeopleSoft remote support and what DSI offers, in particular.

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Quality Remote Support

Though DSI offers on-site support, our services can expand to assist those operating in a work-from-home environment. With our experienced staff of PeopleSoft specialists, DSI ensures you receive quality, tailored, and cost-effective support for your remote infrastructure needs. Rather than dealing with the hassles of on-going management, we aim to get you back to your job, free of worry.

Based on your company's needs, DSI can create a solution using PeopleSoft upgrades, module implementations, and continued support. This ensures your IT infrastructure stays up and running and remains secure.

Quality Remote Support Services

Rather than employing PeopleSoft specialists yourself, DSI gives you access to a full-time senior expert. Even if you're not in the same room, we remain committed to connecting you with a PeopleSoft professional who can become a reliable resource for you and your IT staff. Here are some task requests your IT staff may face that DSI is ready to help with:


  • PUM image application.
  • Custom development or added functionality.
  • Third-party systems integrations.
  • PeopleTools upgrades.
  • Issue resolution.
  • Performance tuning.
  • Database and PeopleSoft administration.
  • Various other PeopleSoft requests.

Who Can Benefit from PeopleSoft Remote Support?

Though PeopleSoft remote support provides many advantages to large corporations, small and mid-size companies can reap the most benefits. This is because these businesses can continue to grow without getting bogged down by various IT struggles. In addition, because many small businesses have to rent an office space, work-from-home employees and partnerships eliminate the need for this expense. Even if your workforce is only partially remote, you can reduce the size of your office, which means you can save on expenses.

In terms of industries, virtually any industry that can function remotely can benefit from this type of IT support. Some notable industries that can use remote support include health care, customer service, sales, and accounting and finance.

DSI Remote Support Benefits During COVID-19

If you need more reasons to partner with DSI, there are several advantages to consider no matter the support level you may need. Here's a look at some benefits you can gain from making us your remote support partner:

  • Full-time access to a senior-level PeopleSoft programmer/analyst, a DBA, and a systems administrators: Instead of using subcontractors, we match you with a PeopleSoft professional that has an average of 10 or more years in their field. This ensures you're getting unmatched support from an expert working in this human resource management system.
  • Extra bandwidth: If you're working with large files or data that warrant faster online speeds, DSI offers extra bandwidth at your disposal. This ensures you're able to continue working without interruption.  
  • Assigned and dedicated team of resources: At DSI, you're given an abundance of resources despite the distance. No matter your needs, we stay committed to giving you the support you and your company need.
  • 24/7 coverage that's 100% onshore: DSI offers remote support services no matter the day or time. Rest assured that your queries will be answered from an onshore professional.
  • Cost-effective solution: When you put your trust in DSI, you're guaranteed to receive a variety of advantages regarding pricing. Not only do we offer low prices, but our remote services also means a lower cost of owning your PeopleSoft environment. In addition, partnering with DSI leads to less money you have to spend on various unprotected IT costs.
  • More resources available for other tasks: Rather than spending your time ironing out your IT infrastructure, DSI's remote services enable you to use your time, money, and staff elsewhere. This ensures you and your team remain productive despite the sudden change in work environment.
  • Reduced employee turnover: When you utilize DSI's services, you're better able to manage the needs of your IT staff. This means you may see greater employee retention, which can help you save money in the long run.

Importance of Remote Support Beyond COVID-19

Even without a looming pandemic, remote support provides a variety of benefits to your business in general. If you want to partner with a company offering remote support services, you'll need to evaluate the value of their offer. During the pandemic and after, be sure to look for these benefits when shopping around for remote support:

  • Quicker response times: When you partner with a company like DSI, you'll receive technical support the minute you need it. Rather than waiting for someone to arrive in person, you can receive support over the phone quickly. This on-demand service can help cut downtime and let you spend it on other initiatives.
  • Increased productivity: Remote support can also help you and your staff focus on what's most important. With a dedicated team of professionals ready to help, you don't have to struggle through IT issues that can detract from your everyday responsibilities.
  • Service around the clock: If you need after-hours service, a remote technician is better equipped to meet your needs. Rather than paying a visit to your office, these professionals can provide their expertise by accessing your computer or network remotely.
  • Reduced costs: When you opt for IT support, you're putting your IT infrastructure in the hands of trained professionals who pay your office an on-site visit. When you partner with a company offering remote services, you may be able to receive assistance without these in-person visits. Since this lowers the costs for these companies, it can also lower the cost for you.

Are you ready to jump in? Contact us to schedule a free consultation regarding our PeopleSoft remote support. We're happy to guide you through the process, answer your questions, and give you a quote for our services. We're here to help!