Dimension Systems Can Also Support Third-Party Administrators


This healthcare company on the East Coast outsources its entire IT function to a third-party administrator, using PeopleSoft’s Human Capital Management and Financials applications. Soon after the implementation of additional financials modules the Client started to experience a number of functional and technical application issues as well as technical PeopleSoft infrastructure issues.

DSI Solution

Dimension Systems was engaged to review the implementation of the new financials modules, make corrections as needed and provide training to users regarding the proper ways to use the new functionality. We were also charged with providing DBA, infrastructure and application support for the PeopleSoft environment while the third-party administrator provided support for the Client’s clinical applications. Dimension Systems was able to stabilize the system and train users in the proper use of the application.

Client Benefits

Dimension Systems provides PeopleSoft database, infrastructure and fractional application support for both internal staff as well as other third-party contractors. DSI’s fractional services model provides our clients with savings equivalent to one or more employee salaries and eliminates the need to hire, manage and train additional internal staff.

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