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This Medical Records Archiving company was experiencing a significant number of application and performance issues with its PeopleSoft Financials application in an Oracle database and UNIX operating system environment. Neither internal staff nor PeopleSoft Support was successful in resolving these issues.

In addition, the company experienced ongoing turnover of internal application and DBA staff. The IT Director realized that his internal staff needed additional support with PeopleSoft infrastructure and how the company’s internal applications should integrate with PeopleSoft.

As a result of frequent personnel turnover, the IT Director was forced to take focus from his primary responsibilities in order to perform DBA and application support work on an emergency basis. He estimated that he would need two fulltime PeopleSoft experienced DBAs to support his environment.

DSI Solution

The client canceled its PeopleSoft Support contract and engaged Dimension Systems. One of DSI’s first projects included streamlining database back-ups, conducting a physical database layout review, and addressed performance issues in several key PeopleSoft batch programs. DSI was able to stabilize application performance, address a number of database issues and ensure that backup and recovery processes ran effectively.

Dimension Systems then began to provide support for the client’s UNIX administration responsibilities and redesigned the procedures for server back-ups. All client applications are now performing at peak efficiency.

Client Benefits

DSI provides the above support with just ½ of a person of support resulting in improved performance, eliminating the time spent by the IT Director on PeopleSoft related issues, and generating a cost savings of 70% of the client’s internal costs.

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