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Dedicated, tailored, cost-effective PeopleSoft support from experienced PeopleSoft specialists

As one of the first PeopleSoft managed services partners in North America, DSI is the ideal choice of organizations looking to lower the cost of keeping their PeopleSoft environment fully optimized and aligned with their business. We offer a tailored solution of onsite and/or remote delivery of PeopleSoft upgrades and module implementations — plus ongoing remote support — so your systems remain fully compliant, secure, up-to-date, and issue-free.

The DSI service model allows each client to receive dedicated attention by a team of senior PeopleSoft experts without the hassle and expense of managing and retaining full time PeopleSoft specialists on your own staff.

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Benefits include:oracle peoplesoft gold partner

  • Services tailored to your specific needs
  • Lower total cost of owning your PeopleSoft environment
  • Controlled, predictable, budgeted costs
  • Less money wasted on unproductive IT expenses
  • More resources (time, money, and staff time) available for other initiatives
  • Less need for temporary contract employees
  • Less employee turnover (or need to replace them)
  • Less vacation and sick time to cover
  • Fewer resource scheduling issues
  • Fewer IT-related disruptions to your business and IT staff

Services include:

Daily PeopleSoft production support: Your PeopleSoft system stays up and running effectively and your users’ day-to-day IT needs are addressed on both a technical and functional level.

PeopleSoft updates and fixes:  PeopleSoft-supplied minor upgrades, fixes, and tax updates are applied within a fixed-fee maintenance service.

PeopleSoft DBA and infrastructure support: Fixed-fee database administration and infrastructure support for PeopleSoft environments, ensuring application performance does not degrade due to a database or infrastructure related issue.

Major PeopleSoft upgrades:  Our menu based approach where we implement your technical upgrade, including moving the application to production. Learn more about our approach for PeopleSoft upgrades.

See our Case Studies to learn more about our on-site and remote PeopleSoft support.

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