Infrastructure Capacity Planning

Capacity planning refers to identifying the changes needed to be made to the environment to maintain this predefined user experience over the lifecycle of the application. In its simplest terms, the changes can refer to adding any combination of additional CPU, Memory, Storage or Network capabilities along with suitable configuration changes to the hardware configuration as and when identified to be required. Capacity planning consists of anticipating demand ahead of time and recommending suitable changes to the environment in advance of actual needs.

Since DSI has long and in-depth experience with various application technologies and hardware platforms including Unix/Linux, we can provide optimal capacity planning and expert advice on sizing in view of anticipated growth. DSI consults with key power users and management, and we also review statistics from various subsystems such as the operating system, storage and network over a period of time.Our consultants have the knowledge and wherewithal to interpret the numbers and establish thresholds and to extrapolate the stats for future growth.

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