Remote UNIX and LINUX Support Services

With Dimension Systems, you’ll receive two dedicated UNIX or LINUX support professionals who will monitor your systems 24/7 – while you save up to 50% of the costs of hiring a full-time system administrator.

It’s challenging to find and retain high-quality system administrators.

Most businesses don’t have enough work to keep a full-time system administrator busy. So, many UNIX/LINUX administrators who work in smaller environments get bored and leave for larger environments, bigger pay and better opportunities. This makes it hard to manage your operating systems, as well as keep them available and secure.

When you partner with Dimension Systems, Inc. (DSI), you can gain peace of mind knowing that dedicated, senior-level IT professionals are managing your systems 24/7. You’ll also save on the costs of hiring and training personnel.  

DSI provides you with ongoing UNIX and LINUX support – such as monitoring, troubleshooting and managing performance. We ensure that work is performed accurately and on time, therefore providing you with the time to focus on more strategic efforts that will benefit your users and customers.

Our UNIX and LINUX support services include:

When you partner with DSI to manage your UNIX and LINUX environments, you will:

  • Reduce Your Costs

Why hire a full-time employee when your systems only need to be monitored and maintained on a part-time basis? DSI eliminates your need to continually train and manage administrators – while providing you with 24/7 support at 40%-50% of the cost of hiring a full-time employee. We also offer a predictable fixed fee for easy budgeting.

  • Improve Your System Reliability

We will assign you two U.S.-based system administrators – a primary and a backup. Both of these professionals will be dedicated to you and know your operating systems. You can rest assured that they’ll take care of your systems and monitor for any activity that can impact system performance or user access.

  • Receive 24/7/365 System Support from Experienced IT Professionals

DSI will help you fill your IT gaps by providing you with senior-level professionals. Your system administrators are full-time DSI employees who are directly plugged into your environment. It’s like they’re in the office next door! You can call them at any time to have your issues resolved quickly and efficiently.

“Dimension Systems saves me headaches by addressing issues before they impact users.”  

Here’s what our customers have to say about our UNIX and LINUX support services:

“In addition to other services provided by DSI, I am so glad I asked about Unix/Linux support. For years, DSI has been my virtual administrator, alleviating any concern about our systems and adding bottom-line savings to my IT budget.”
-Jane, hospitality industry

“Dimension Systems saves me a tremendous amount of headaches. No way could I hire a DBA to do this work and keep him busy and happy. DSI takes an enormous amount of pressure and worry from me; I wouldn’t have it any other way.”
-J. Chapman, higher education

How We Work

The first thing that we do is conduct a proactive health check of your system to ensure that it’s performing at the highest levels. Then, we will install a number of system alerts that will notify us when something happens within your operating system, so we can immediately address the issue before your users feel any impact. From there, your dedicated UNIX/LINUX administrator will respond to alerts and take care of your needs – just like an on-site administrator would do but at a 40%-50% cost savings.

Contact us at 248-926-3400 x233 to discover how you can reduce your UNIX and LINUX support costs while ensuring the health and security of your environment. You can also complete the form on this page, and someone from our UNIX/LINUX support services team will respond within the next business day.