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PeopleSoft Workflow

PeopleSoft’s Application Workflow Engine provides the ability to create, run and manage approval processes within PeopleSoft.

Approval workflows are triggered when employees, managers or users submit certain transactions, such as a Salary Increase. When the user submits the transaction, the application forwards the transaction to the Approval Workflow Engine. The AWE then determines the approval workflow based on the predefined approval process definition and then launches the approval workflow.

One of the advantages of PeopleSoft’s workflow is the ability for functional users to define and make workflow modifications without the need of a technical developer. Three levels of users are able to develop, configure or use transaction approvals. For example, the process of submitting a salary change and getting it approved requires defining who will approve the promotion, the order in which they will approve it, and how it will be routed to approvers.

Approval Workflow Engine (AWE)

Prior to 9.0 and the AWE, standard PeopleSoft workflow required advanced technical skills in PeopleSoft PeopleTools to create or customize. With the AWE organizations now have an alternative to standard workflow creation and maintenance. Workflow using the AWE is much easier to create, configure, and maintain.

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