PeopleSoft Campus Solutions 9.2 Upgrade

Oracle has made a significant technical upgrade to their Campus Solutions product for higher educational customers.

In their announcement about the release of the 9.2 upgrade, Oracle said, “Campus Solutions 9.2 is a low impact, high return upgrade that addresses the key imperatives of the modern campus.”

According to Dimension Systems, Inc., (DSI) traditional PeopleSoft application upgrades tend to include more functional changes to the core program and add more cost to the overall project. The PeopleSoft Campus Solutions upgrade from 9.0 to 9.2 is designed to be simpler.

Most colleges and universities have been regularly applying Campus Solutions Bundles on a quarterly basis and allowing their application to remain updated with newer functionality along the way. Therefore, the 9.2 upgrade is not changing the application functionality, but more-so upgrading the underlying infrastructure.

On their company blog, Oracle said, “While everyone’s upgrade is different, the effort and the impact of the technical upgrade from CS 9.0 to 9.2 should be significantly reduced.”

Many colleges and universities are choosing to delay the adoption of fluid functionality available in the newer tools version (8.55) for the initial phase of the upgrade to maintain the look and feel of the application and provide a seamless end-user experience.

DSI recommends this approach, as it reduces the project timeline, cost of the overall project and ensures a smooth delivery.

Recently, DSI completed a 9.2 Campus Solutions upgrade for a large university on the East coast. The client decided not to enable fluid functionality and the end-users did not require any additional training. The project was delivered 100% remotely in the United States on-time and on-budget with little interruption to the user community.

What’s the difference between a functional upgrade and a technical upgrade?

  • A Technical Upgrade – This is an upgrade to get to current release levels. A technical update does not have a major impact on the end user’s experience using the software.
  • A Functional Upgrade – This is a change in the core software program itself. Functional upgrades often require training for the end user and more disruption to the organization to learn and adapt to new systems.

Why do I Need to Do This Upgrade?

Dimension Systems believes that the best approach to maintaining the stability and performance of your systems is accomplished by investing in regular software upgrades. In order for Campus Solutions users to maintain stability, regular, planned upgrades are the best approach to minimizing disruption.

Also, Peoplesoft only continues support on 9.0 version for a set period of time. PeopleSoft will continue to provide support on Campus Solutions 9.0 until December 2019. However, Dimension Systems recommends upgrading soon to stay current with PeopleSoft Campus Solutions.

Schedule PeopleSoft Campus Solutions Upgrade – Low Fixed Fee Pricing

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