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I recently read an article in CIO Magazine titled “3 Ways toOvercome IT Outsourcing People Problems” by Stephanie Overby which begins by asking the question “Do your IT outsourcing services deals fail to deliver more than the basics?”

Having been in the IT outsourcing business for the past 25 years, I understand that for organizations with revenues under $2B, outsourcing baseline services does not provide as much value as when focusing on complex ERP applications such as PeopleSoft, Lawson Software or SAP, or database and infrastructure support. Frankly, most companies under $2B do not encounter the level of complexity that is seen in larger organizations using more of the features delivered by the software. However, this results in an intersting dilemma. Is your company taking full advantage of the delivered software?

Early on in new client engagements, we often encounter situations where end user issues can be resolved by expanding application usage to automate some of the daily tasks. On new client engagements, one of the first things we ask end users is “what are some of the most time consuming, day-to-day tasks that you do?” We then look at how the client is using the software and determine what training or changes can be made to simplify the work. We have found that based on our knowledge and experience, we can improve the usage of the system by either making small customizations or by training the users in alternative ways of using the application.

As an IT services provider, our goal is to provide the best possible support scaled to their specific needs. We have been providing application; database and infrastructure support since 1993 and have extensive experience with PeopleSoft and Lawson software, Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, Unix/Linux environments. Call Cara at (248) 926- 3400 x 233 to discuss your specific environment and how we can help you.

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