7 Key Things to Look for in a PeopleSoft Upgrade Specialist

PeopleSoft is decommissioning support for version 9.0 in 2015. This means that now is the ideal time to upgrade to version 9.2. Getting started on your upgrade now will ensure continued support on your older version until the migration is complete.

Let’s face it, you will be engaged with your PeopleSoft upgrade for 6-to-12-months. Finding the right partner to help with upgrade tasks is crucial, and though many vendors look great on paper, they sometimes fail to live up to client expectations.

Here are seven things to consider when you look for a PeopleSoft upgrade specialist:

1. Does the vendor mask subcontractors as its own permanent employees?

Some IT vendors have big names but no actual, in-house experience with PeopleSoft upgrades. More and more IT vendors are asking independent subcontractors to complete W-2 forms so they can pass the subcontractors off as full-time employees. Look for a PeopleSoft upgrade specialist that will deliver with permanent full-time employees who truly stand behind their work.

2. Is the vendor filling you with unnecessary fear, uncertainty and doubt?

IT vendors create a lot of fear, uncertainty and doubt – what we call the FUD Factor. This fear always comes with a hefty price tag, as you’ll need more services and expertise to fix these unnecessarily inflated problems. Your PeopleSoft upgrade specialist should be a trusted adviser and an advocate for your organization. If a vendor tries to push services that you don’t need, walk away.

3. What happens with the “fixed” fee?

Provided the scope of the project engagement was communicated clearly up front, your IT vendor should stand by its fixed-fee quote. Don’t fall for a lowball quote only to have scope changes tacked on left and right. A good PeopleSoft upgrade specialist won’t nickel-and-dime you over little adjustments to your plan or service level agreement.

4. Does the vendor have experience with PeopleSoft Update Manager?

PeopleSoft Update Manager (PUM) is an essential part of version 9.2. Your IT vendor should have experience with PUM, along with deep knowledge of all aspects of PeopleSoft. This includes PeopleSoft’s database and application infrastructure, as well as PeopleCode for troubleshooting.

5. Is it all bells and whistles?

Some IT vendors present fancy names for their upgrade “methodologies” and “project planning,” as though what they offer is something new and different. More than likely what you get is the standard upgrade methodology, following basic steps, as recommended by Oracle. Don’t get sold on trendy names that vendors attach to basic upgrade principles. Good old-fashioned experience and solid delivery is what matters most.

6. Can the PeopleSoft upgrade specialist meet your timeline?

Ensure your IT vendor provides you with a realistic timeline. If the timeline is out of reach, then you run the risk of people taking shortcuts to meet specific points within the project plan. Focusing solely on deadlines and milestones can be detrimental to a successful go-live and could result in costly mistakes.

7. Are the candidate profiles submitted in the RFP response too good to be true?

They probably are. Top-of-the-line professionals are often showcased as though they will be assigned to the job. Granted, it can be tricky for the vendor to forecast availability, but you should beware of this “bait and switch” tactic.

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