3 Common Questions about PeopleSoft Managed Services

Take advantage of part-time support costs while benefiting from full-time availability.

With advancements in technology, the demand for full-time support provides less of return on investment each year.

The same way car owners don’t need their auto mechanics as often as they used to because technology has become more reliable, the same is true for IT owners. Organizations increasingly rely on experienced and cost-effective part-time support teams. Because there are fewer support requests throughout the course of a year, part-time services deliver savings.

However, when an issue does arise, the need for support is often times urgent and requires immediate attention in order to maintain normal working conditions. Can part-time, offsite resources deliver a timely response when support is required?

At Dimension Systems, our team frequently receives questions from organizations looking to streamline costs while maintaining harmony within their organization. Rest assured. Our part-time support model provides significant savings, increased efficiencies and peace-of-mind.

Here are three common questions Dimension Systems gets asked about PeopleSoft Managed Services:

1. What Does it Mean to Have Part-Time PeopleSoft Support, Full-Time?

Having part-time PeopleSoft support, full-time means you receive 24/7 year round support. Organizations will have access to a team of dedicated PeopleSoft experts that are knowledgeable about your business, systems, and applications.

Our support system is able to perform client-assigned tasks when needed and/or actively monitor your system around the clock and respond to any issues. Managed service providers will install, upgrade and maintain complex systems.

This level of service provides peace of mind and allows organizations little or no disruption to normal business activities. Allowing managed service providers to work remotely or part-time also lowers the cost. It’s typically significantly less expensive to use a managed service provider than the cost of hiring a contractor or FTE (full time equivalent).

2. What Benefits Come with PeopleSoft Managed Services?

Relying exclusively on internal staff can expose the organization to risk. Staff will eventually leave the organization creating a vulnerability if a replacement isn’t found promptly.

PeopleSoft Managed Services act as an insurance policy so that you have an experienced resource knowledgeable about your specific systems. PeopleSoft managed services providers maintain continuity if staff ever leaves.

When you use PeopleSoft managed services from Dimension Systems, you get the benefit of a team of experts.

A Senior Consultant will be assigned to you immediately and will continuously review system metrics, help with projects, and solve issues (usually before it becomes apparent that an issue is occurring!)

A secondary contact will also be assigned to you as an additional layer of support, along with a hands-on delivery manager as backup, to ensure the completion of your requests.

All of these full-time resources are available at a part-time cost structure.

3. How do I Ensure That Support is Available When I Need it?

Hire a company with a proven track record of managing PeopleSoft systems and applications on a consistent basis, like Dimension Systems.

Ensure that your managed service provider offers daily production support to ensure that systems are running effectively. Managed services providers should make sure their users’ day-to-day IT needs are addressed on both a technical and functional level.

If you need PeopleSoft managed services, or managed services for another system, Dimension Systems has decades of experience and broad capabilities.

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