Your Part-time PeopleSoft Support Should Include Full Time Availability

The benefit of part time support is that you only pay for what you need. The benefit of full time availability is that it’s always there when you need it. But it’s only a benefit if you use it.

Many PeopleSoft customers with stable systems are moving to part time support of their IT environments. The big reason, obviously, is cost savings. In many cases the economics no longer justify employing full time IT staff just to “keep the lights on.” Just like car owners don’t need their auto mechanics as often these days because the technology has become more reliable, the same is true for IT owners with respect to their system support team. There are a lot fewer things that need “fixing” over the course of a year and replacement cycles are longer. So, when the time is right, why not just move to part time IT support?

The answer is, you can. But what many PeopleSoft customers don’t realize is that this is not an either/or decision. You can have part time PeopleSoft support that is available on full time basis — in fact, many organizations probably should. Here are three frequently asked questions that we hear from IT executives, managers and end-users when we tell them that they can achieve significant savings, efficiencies and peace-of-mind by using a part-time support model.

What does it mean to have part-time PeopleSoft support full time?

It means you get 24×7 year-round support  access to a team of dedicated PeopleSoft consultants that are knowledgeable about your business, system, application, and available to perform client-assigned tasks when needed.— and/or actively monitor your system around the clock for issues.

Second, what’s the benefit?

The benefits are twofold.  First is that you no longer wait until something breaks to get support. So it’s not just about “keeping the lights on.” Depending on the support program you choose, our support team is always “on the job,” reviewing system metrics, solving issues sometimes even before you realize that an issue is occurring! Even better, our support approach will recommend process improvements that will enhance your business services — by achieving efficiencies, serving customers better, and protecting you from vulnerabilities. Secondly, relying only on internal staff exposes you to the risk that they might leave — and eventually they will! Every time they walk out the door they take their knowledge of your system with them. Part-time PeopleSoft support services act as an insurance policy that you have the backup coverage you need, in multiple areas, at any given time.

Third, how do I ensure the PeopleSoft support I need is available when I need it??

This is not something that can come from individuals working onsite or through a time and materials – on call only type of basis. Our remote managed services model and retained team approach is proven to help companies manage PeopleSoft systems and applications. We assign a primary, secondary and tertiary resource to each account so that there is plenty of coverage at all times.

In a future blog we’ll answer a fourth very important question — one we don’t hear enough from companies. That is, now that I do have this type of PeopleSoft support capability in place how can I make the most of it to advance my business and lower costs even more?

Stay tuned for that one!