Server Set-Up and Configuration

We ensure that work is preformed correctly the first time.

Image depicting Server Set-Up and Configuration

DSI employs expert tools and techniques to support you during Unix/Linux server setup and with ongoing support of your server environment, including server monitoring, troubleshooting issues and managing server performance.

Server monitoring is a process usually done by a professional, and it is very important to keeping a well running server. Without constant checkups, there is a chance the server may crash or become sluggish. You never want your server to be in question. During the set-up and configurations phase, we configure server monitoring to ensure your server is functioning to the highest standards in the industry.

A great deal of the service on your server will be preventative work. The goal is to never have to need urgent server care. As long as everything is monitored properly, growth and use of a server can continue to work perfectly, even if the software is periodically updated or changed.

Managing your server performance is a must. Business owners want to be sure there are no security risks, and no breaches of information. As a part of our server monitoring, regular sweeps of a server are performed to keep everything safe. Whether it’s just keeping files safe, or continuing to clean up duplicate information, we will work to keep your server running without issues.

Dimension Systems works to have the project done correctly the first time. This means that you will have less worry about many urgent situations, since they most likely won’t ever come up. We will monitor the security, and maintain this security with improvements if need be. We will have up to date software protecting your information, and we will also be able to respond to any problems immediately.

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