Packaged Software Implementation

Regardless of whether you are purchasing new software or implementing additional modules, DSI can assist you throughout the implementation. Our methodology will ensure that your new functionality will be implemented in a timely and accurate fashion. Our 5-Phase Approach includes:
packaged software implementation

  1. Planning
  2. Analysis & Design
  3. Development
  4. Testing & Training
  5. Deployment

Why Choose Dimension Systems?

When an organization implements a new software program, it’s important to trust that process to an experienced company. Dimension Systems has been providing industry leading solutions for over 30 years. Our 5-Phase Approach ensures that your software will be implemented with a bare minimum amount of disruption to your organization. Our commitment to customized solutions guarantees that your organization will get a solution carefully tailored to your organization. No competitor can match Dimension Systems experience, industry leading process or commitment to client relations. Schedule a call with Dimension Systems today.

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