Lawson Application Support

We implement, optimize, and support Lawson applications for your business

Lawson applications, just like all ERP applications, do not come ready to use right out of the box. Reports may need to be customized or created from scratch. Process flows may need to be reviewed and tailored. Integrations and interfaces with non-Lawson apps may need to be built. Web forms may need to be designed. Bottom line: to work properly for your business your Lawson applications need to be configured, optimized, and aligned — so you can do business the way you want to do business.

That’s where Dimension Systems comes in. We are Lawson specialists. With 30+ years experience helping companies implement, tailor, and maintain their ERP environments we help organizations of all types drive maximum value from their Lawson applications. That value comes from:

  • Lower total cost of IT ownership
  • Leaner, faster, more error-free, and more agile business processes
  • Much higher levels of workforce productivity
  • Much clearer day-to-day visibility of key success factors driving your business
  • Greater utilization of Lawson applications

And just like the software itself, we tailor each one of our client engagements to best serve the client. That means less disruption of day-to-day operations, less time waiting to see high-impact results, and less money spent on unproductive activities like travel.

Ongoing Lawson Application Support — Up to 24/7/365

DSI also offers ongoing Lawson application support — meaning that after the implementation and configuration are done and your Lawson Applications are fully optimized for your business, our Lawson experts will continue to track the performance of your Lawson applications remotely — up to 24/7/365. DSI’s remote Lawson application support means your Lawson applications stay up to date technically and functionally while also remaining fully compliant and secure. With DSI’s remote Lawson application support, technical glitches and performance issues can often be identified and corrected well before they have any business impact.

That’s full lifecycle Lawson application support, from senior Lawson application specialists — cost effectively delivered, expertly tailored, and business optimized.