Trust Dimension Systems to Upgrade Your System On-Time,  On-Budget and On-Shore

With DSI’s proven PeopleSoft Upgrade approach, veteran PeopleSoft architects dig deep into your PeopleSoft environment and infrastructure to determine if you are at the proper level required for the upgrade.  We’ll discuss whether:

1) this is a technical upgrade to get to current release levels

2) you are planning to implement new functionality or

3) other reasons you may have for upgrading your PeopleSoft application

Once this information is known, a project plan is created including planning and implementing new functionality, system and application testing, addressing issues that may arise, moving the system to production and providing you with functional and technical support after go-live. Working with PeopleSoft since version 3, we’ve discovered how to guide you through the upgrade process and implement new functionality.

Customers love our powerful design approach and incredibly detailed time line along with the focus on other often-overlooked details. DSI’s talented 9.2 PeopleSoft Upgrade team is ready to help make your upgrade process go as smooth as silk with 100% guaranteed on-time every-time delivery.

Upgrade mistakes and delays early in a project can cascade and strain any well-intended plan. To reach tight go-live targets, large projects require precision work and adherence to the project plan to complete the upgrade in a fast and specific way.

Because PeopleSoft upgrades are lengthy, complex and time consuming for your IT staff and end users, we’ve created a detailed guide to the “4 Common Mistakes  Made When Upgrading PeopleSoft Applications”.  Click here to download your free copy of 4 Costly Common Mistakes

Steep update learning curves often prevent simply hiring or renting more bodies. Do you have the time required to invest in your IT team to get up to speed to update and maintain your PeopleSoft application and technical environment? With DSI, think results-guaranteed upgrades and get the punctuality and reliability that even Swiss clock makers would find impressive.

These teams of professionals (most 10+ yrs. with DSI) have a wealth of knowledge with HCM, Financials, Campus Solutions, other PeopleSoft components and more. We’ll compare your customizations, help avoid reporting impacts, develop accurate data conversions, consult on your critical maintenance needs and much more.

You’ll love our 30 years of upgrade & implementation expertise as well as our competitive fee structure.  Let’s talk before you get distracted by the next fire that you must put out:  248-926-3400.

Free List Upgrade Deliverable you’ll receive when you upgrade.