SQL Server Database Support

DSI has years of experience supporting SQL Server database administration starting from version 7.0 through the latest version.

We can assist with the construct of your logical database design, including normalization of data elements, creation of database tables and determination of primary and secondary indexes. In addition, we can review and implement physical database setup, including analysis of physical distribution of production databases based on your current hardware configuration. We also recommend indexes and design changes to achieve best application performance and minimize database disruptions.

Because of our considerable experience with complex ERP applications packages like PeopleSoft and Lawson, we have in-depth knowledge about SQL Server database related issues such as locking and deadlocks due to inherent application requirement.

Our consultants can advise and conduct setup work, such as SQL Server profiler to identify the database bottlenecks and deadlocks and suggest new means and methods to ameliorate the issues. Newer SQL Server versions improved locking strategies not available as default and have made marked improvement in removing or decreasing substantially all locking issues. However, at times we may need to work with your application staff to make custom changes to the application code to remove deadlock situations.

In high availability environments, we will implement SQL Server mirroring and replication setup. DSI has implemented SQL Server clustering on both the 2005 and 2008 versions of SQL Server as a failover solution. DSI consultants have experience in SSIS package work required to implement ETL for clients and we can assist in designing and developing SSIS packages and upgrading older DTS packages to SSIS.

DSI can review your backup and recovery strategies so that there is no loss of work in an event of a catastrophic issue, such as the loss of a disk drive. In addition, we can monitor batch processes and assist with database related work.

Our DBA’s can identify SQL Server performance bottlenecks both at infrastructure level and SQL query level using specific queries and procedures. Our staff will work quickly in reviewing execution plans and suggest changes to indexing or rewriting SQL statements to better optimize execution plans so as to improve the performance profile of the application.

We are experienced in migrating to or from other database environments such as Oracle or DB2 without loss of any functionality and we can assist you in testing the converted application.

Contact us to learn more about our on-site or remote SQL Server database support.  For information on other databases that we support, click here.