David Paul, President

David Paul is the founder and president of Dimension Systems, Inc., an information management consulting firm specializing in providing consulting services which focus on applying information technology to address strategic business issues. He was born in Detroit, Michigan, and holds a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics as well as an MBA from Eastern Michigan University.

His career began in data processing in 1973 with the Ann Arbor Public Schools as a Systems Analyst and Assistant Data Processing Manager. In 1975, he accepted a position with Oakland Schools, a Michigan intermediate school district responsible for providing administrative and educational support services for local school districts. During his tenure at Oakland Schools, he was responsible for the design and development of financial and student administrative computer systems as well as providing consulting services to local school district personnel.

In 1978 he accepted a position with General Motors Corporation as one of the company’s first data base administrators. In this capacity he was responsible for the design and implementation of very large highly complex data bases as well as the development of corporate procedures and guidelines.

Mr. Paul was appointed to a project manager’s position in 1981 in the Payroll and Personnel Systems area. In this capacity he was responsible for the development of large Human Resource systems, including a sickness and disability system as well as a salaried payroll system. Responsibilities also included a staff of 11 people assigned to review packaged software intended to replace a payroll system that supported over 400,000 employees.

Upon being assigned to the Marketing Services Department of the GM Information Systems and Communications Activity, he was responsible for the development of an Information Systems Planning methodology designed to assess current data processing operability and effectiveness as well as recommend an approach to align future data processing activities with executive management direction. Mr. Paul and others conducted over 10 Information Systems Plans during his tenure, both throughout the United States and overseas.

In 1984, Mr. Paul was transferred to the corporate Strategic Planning Group as a staff consultant responsible for developing corporate planning direction as well as assisting staffs and divisions in the development of short- and long-term plans.

Leaving General Motors in 1985 to found Dimension Systems, Inc., Mr. Paul has assisted clients with the development of long-range and tactical information system plans, the implementation of new hardware, communications equipment and networks, and applications along with providing interim management support.