3 Common Questions about PeopleSoft Managed Services

Peoplesoft Managed Services by Dimension Systems

Take advantage of part-time support costs while benefiting from full-time availability.

With advancements in technology, the demand for full-time support provides less of return on investment each year. The same way car owners don’t need their auto mechanics as often as they used to because technology has become more reliable, the same is true for IT owners. Organizations increasingly rely on experienced and cost-effective part-time support teams. Because there are fewer support requests throughout the course of a year, part-time services deliver savings. However, when an issue does arise, the need for support is often times urgent and requires immediate attention in order to maintain normal working conditions. Can part-time, offsite resources deliver a timely response when support is required? At Dimension Systems, our team frequently receives questions from organizations looking to streamline costs while maintaining harmony within their organization. Rest assured. Our part-time support model provides significant savings, increased efficiencies and peace-of-mind. Here are three common questions Dimension Systems gets asked about PeopleSoft Managed Services:
  1.    What Does it Mean to Have Part-Time PeopleSoft Support, Full-Time?

Having part-time PeopleSoft support, ...

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PeopleSoft Campus Solutions 9.2 Upgrade

upgrade button
  Oracle has made a significant technical upgrade to their Campus Solutions product for higher educational customers. In their announcement about the release of the 9.2 upgrade, Oracle said, “Campus Solutions 9.2 is a low impact, high return upgrade that addresses the key imperatives of the modern campus.” According to Dimension Systems, Inc., (DSI) traditional PeopleSoft application upgrades tend to include more functional changes to the core program and add more cost to the overall project. The Campus upgrade from 9.0 to 9.2 is designed to be simpler. Most colleges and universities have been regularly applying Campus Solutions Bundles on a quarterly basis and allowing their application to remain updated with newer functionality along the way. Therefore, the 9.2 upgrade is not changing the application functionality, but more-so upgrading the underlying infrastructure. On their company blog, Oracle said, “While everyone's upgrade is different, the effort and the impact of the technical upgrade from CS 9.0 to 9.2 should be significantly reduced.” Many colleges and universities are choosing to delay the adoption of fluid functionality available in the newer tools version (8.55) for the initial phase of the upgrade to maintain the look and feel of the application and ...

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Dimension Systems, Inc. (DSI) Collaborates with Canon Information and Imaging Solutions, Inc.

DSI Becomes Solutions Partner and system integrator for rolling out CIIS Accounts Payable Automation Solutions for Oracle PeopleSoft

Originally posted on prnewswire.com. Original article can be found HERE.
FARMINGTON HILLS, Mich.Sept. 27, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Dimension Systems, Inc. (DSI) a leading provider of PeopleSoft ERP support services, announced today that it has become a Solutions Partner for Canon Information and Imaging Solutions, Inc. (CIIS), a wholly owned subsidiary of Canon U.S.A., Inc. DSI will collaborate in CIIS's roll out of its Accounts Payable Automation Solutions for PeopleSoft , based on the Enterprise Imaging Platform (EIP) by Canon, which delivers more efficient and more accurate business workflows, subsequent cost reductions, and the ability to derive meaningful value from paper-based information.
DSI's business clients can benefit from the combination of DSI's strong PeopleSoft experience and the Accounts Payable Automation solutions from Canon, to digitize their document-based processes. The solutions leverage intelligent data capture, business process automation, integration with legacy systems, and analytics, to provide benefits beyond invoice automation.  The Accounts Payable Automation solutions from Canon have achieved Oracle Validated Integration (OVI) with PeopleSoft, enabling ERP users to gain visibility into ...

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3 False Assumptions of Moving to the Cloud

false assumptions about the cloud
Businesses that move their IT from an enterprise system to the cloud often make a number of false assumptions. These decisions can cause disruptions to the organization, increased costs and reductions in customized solutions. Before you decide to move your ERP system onto the cloud, find out the 3 most common false assumptions Dimension System’s hears about.
False Assumption #1: “We’ll use MORE of the features and functionality!”
Many businesses assume that once they move their applications to a cloud based program that they will use their applications much more than they did before.   It’s easy to think this, as the system is nice, new and different than before. In reality this is seldom the case. If you have not taken advantage of the full functionality of your current system, it’s unlikely that you will use the cloud based software any differently.  An analogy is similar to getting a gym membership. You start off with good intentions of taking full advantage of the treadmills, rowing machines, stationary bikes, weights, pilates, aerobic classes, etc., and use this as the primary impetus to change your exercise behavior -for good.  So in the beginning you are all in!  Then it tapers ...

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A PeopleSoft Health Check Will Give Your Organization Peace of Mind

peoplesoft health check
How healthy is your PeopleSoft System?  Just like going to the doctor for a check-up it is a good idea to get a review of your system to ensure proper set-up and to diagnose any obvious or potential performance issues.  In this post, Dimension Systems will help you learn if your organization would benefit from a PeopleSoft health check analysis and what you can do after to ensure your systems are properly monitored and maintained.

What is a PeopleSoft Health Check and What is the Deliverable?

Normally DSI is asked to do a PeopleSoft health check because the PeopleSoft system is not performing as expected.   But why wait for a problem to happen?  A PeopleSoft Health Check from Dimension Systems is a rigorous check of the PeopleSoft system with some symptoms in mind, typically at the beginning of an ongoing system monitoring and maintenance service. The first step in the process is to review the PeopleSoft setup and make a performance evaluation of the current PeopleSoft system.   If known system issues are present or revealed during the review, a consultant from Dimension Systems will analyze the logs and run a trace on the particular process to help uncover the issue ...

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More and More Businesses are Choosing Dimension Systems for PeopleSoft Support

For 22+ years, Dimension Systems, Inc. (DSI) has been a leading provider of PeopleSoft support. What differentiates DSI from their competitors?

Fewer Layers, Personal Attention DSI provides a team of senior level resources that is fully scalable. Unlike, many of our competitors, you will never call a help desk. You will have direct access to a primary resource who is hands-on and working with you throughout the engagement. Clients appreciate the extra attention. “I’m not a techie. This is like having (my analyst) next door, even though he’s in Michigan and I’m in Florida,” said one HR Manager. Other clients frequently mention the “family feel” DSI provides. With fewer layers and direct access to your support team, Dimension Systems is able to provide a personalized customer service experience. Once our customers sign on with DSI, we become an extension of their internal IT staff and a trusted advisor to help with their PeopleSoft roadmap on a long-term basis. It’s a win-win relationship. On-shore vs. Outsourced Dimension Systems is a domestic provider of PeopleSoft services providing 100% on shore remote delivery from our office in Michigan. The benefit to our clients is seamless communication, on-time response and a greater understanding ...

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Is Your PeopleSoft Application Overdue for an Upgrade?

Performing a PeopleSoft upgrade can be an incredibly complex undertaking, which is why clients of all sizes rely on Dimensions Systems to assist in the process every step in the way. Our professionals (most 10+ yrs. with Dimension Systems) have a wealth of knowledge with HCM, Financials, other PeopleSoft components and more. Why should your business hire a PeopleSoft upgrade specialist from Dimension Systems?


One reason organizations may put off upgrading to the latest version of PeopleSoft is the sheer amount of time and technical knowledge required. However, putting off a PeopleSoft upgrade can be double-edged sword that leaves employees using outdated software that gets in the way of working as efficiency as possible. From hardware upgrades to system improvements, if your employees are using an outdated version of PeopleSoft, they aren’t operating as efficiently as possible. The PeopleSoft experts at Dimensions Systems understand how important a timely and cost-effective upgrade needs to be, which is why we work with your organization to move your systems to the latest release without getting in the way of your day-to-day business activities, as much as possible.


Dimensions Systems charges a low-cost fixed fee for PeopleSoft upgrades. Because we do ...

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When Does Your Business Need Professional Data Conversion Services?

Whenever a business is migrating to new or upgraded systems, there are a number of issues that could arise. Sensitive data about finances and employees must be maintained securely with as little disruption to the business as possible. Working with a data conversion specialist - like Dimension Systems - ensures that the process will go smoothly.

When is it time to call Dimension Systems to help with your data conversion?

Moving to or from PeopleSoft Applications  Often times, moving onto PeopleSoft is necessary when a business is growing or acquired. Moving the data from one system to another is complicated and the data can be highly sensitive. Dimension Systems has over 30 years of experience migrating back office data from various systems or sources to PeopleSoft applications. Our PeopleSoft data conversion experts will ensure that all data is maintained With the growing popularity of “cloud based” and other on-premise solutions, migrating data accurately and efficiently is a key step in the process. Dimension Systems team of experts can help without impacting the day-to-day activities of the business. Implementing a New PeopleSoft Module – Many companies purchase PeopleSoft with the intention of utilizing each and every module and to take advantage ...

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Organizations Should Get Full Value from IT Investments

Cost cutting is an obvious concern of CIOs and IT managers. So why do so many cheat themselves by choosing not to implement or use helpful features they pay for anyway? In our last article we talked about what is probably the biggest opportunity organizations have to improve IT’s overall effectiveness and reliability while driving down IT costs. That is by adopting a managed service model (MSP) commonly referred to as “full-time availability while reducing costs.” Rather than hire a team of full time developers, database administrators and other IT staff, hire an MSP service that monitors your operation around the clock, never takes a vacation, is always there on weekends, and won’t leave or retire someday, taking all his knowledge of your system and applications out the door with him/her. And the best part is that although the MSP’s coverage is full-time, the rate is only part-time because the MSP spreads the cost across all its clients. So, you get fulltime coverage at a fraction of the cost of a full time employee.  And, furthermore, you are able to increase the amount of services required when special needs arise. Just like in-house professionals, ...

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Your Part-time PeopleSoft Support Should Include Full Time Availability

The benefit of part time support is that you only pay for what you need. The benefit of full time availability is that it’s always there when you need it. But it’s only a benefit if you use it. Many PeopleSoft customers with stable systems are moving to part time support of their IT environments. The big reason, obviously, is cost savings. In many cases the economics no longer justify employing full time IT staff just to “keep the lights on.” Just like car owners don’t need their auto mechanics as often these days because the technology has become more reliable, the same is true for IT owners with respect to their system support team. There are a lot fewer things that need “fixing” over the course of a year and replacement cycles are longer. So, when the time is right, why not just move to part time IT support? The answer is, you can. But what many PeopleSoft customers don’t realize is that this is not an either/or decision. You can have part time PeopleSoft support that is available on full time basis — in fact, many organizations probably should. Here are three frequently asked questions that we hear ...

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