PeopleSoft Support

Our knowledge and experience make us a natural choice for customers looking for cost-effective management of enterprise applications like Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software solutions or Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software solutions. Because our ERP services are customized to fit your specific needs you save both time and money for applications support that can be provided remotely, on-site or by a combination of both.

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DSI provides both traditional, onsite PeopleSoft specialists to assist you with the implementation and support of your PeopleSoft applications, and remote-managed support services that provides you the flexibility to outsource application, database and infrastructure support to our domestic operations center located in Michigan. DSI supports many clients where their needs do not require a full time person or when specialized skills are needed on either a part or full time basis. We also provide resources for areas where you may have found difficulty in hiring or retaining personnel.
PeopleSoft Daily Support
Our approach to ensure that your PeopleSoft system is operating effectively and that your end-users’ day-to-day needs are addressed.

PeopleSoft Updates & Fixes
Our fixed-fee maintenance service where DSI manages the application of PeopleSoft supplied minor upgrades, fixes and tax updates. Learn more about PeopleSoft Upgrades.

PeopleSoft DBA & Infrastructure Support
Our fixed-fee approach for managing the DBA and infrastructure environments for both PeopleSoft and other applications. This service assures that the applications are performing optimally and that they will not encounter a failure as a result of database related issues. Learn more about our PeopleSoft administration and DBA support.

PeopleSoft Major Upgrades
Our menu based approach where we are responsible for your technical upgrade, including moving the application to production. Learn more about our approach for PeopleSoft upgrades.

PeopleSoft Support Benefits

  • Tailored to your specific needs
  • Reduces your cost of ownership
  • Fixed fee provides controlled, budgeted costs
  • Your staff focuses on business initiatives
  • Team of people permanently assigned to your account
  • Eliminates need for temporary contract resources
  • Eliminates staff management and turnover
  • No vacation, no sick time, no excuses
  • Eliminates resource scheduling issues
  • Transparent to environment, users and IT staff

Let DSI assist with your PeopleSoft support so your team can return to supporting business initiatives. Call us today to see how our PeopleSoft services can benefit your organization.

See our Case Studies to learn more about our on-site and remote PeopleSoft support.